Nilina Resort has only 3 guest rooms.
Type of room: Standard twin / Deluxe twin

Guest rooms are made of natural materials to feel the nature of the Iriomote Island. Floor is made of teak.
Please feel the nature through a large window and private balcony into the jungle!

TIDA (Deluxe Room): 1 Room


- Up to four person
- Bathroom with tub, walk-in closet
- You can enjoy relaxing bath time with views of the jungle.
- Skylights and a balcony facing the woods.
- Approx. 28 square meters

PRICE (Breakfast / Tax / Service charge included)
TIDA (Deluxe Room /Per Person)
1 person: 15,100 - 21,600 yen
2 persons: 9,700 - 14,000 yen
3 persons: 8,700 - 12,900 yen
4 persons: 7,600 - 12,400 yen

FUSHI / IYU (Standard Room): 2 Rooms


- Up to 3 person
- Bathroom with shower, closet
- Skylights and a balcony facing the woods.
- Approx. 20 square meters

PRICE (Breakfast / Tax / Service charge included)
FUSHI / IYU (Standard Room / per person)
1 person: 12,900 - 18,300 yen
2 persons: 8,100 - 11,800 yen
3 persons: 7,800 - 11,100 yen

Child rates


*4-12 year-old child: 7,500 yen
*Less 3 year-old child: 6,000 yen

Child rats are applied when the guest room is used with two adults and a child, including breakfast.
Please refrain using the guest room by children only. Please use your room accompanied by parents.

Other Information

Each rooms have skylights and private balconies facing the jungle.
Wooden interior makes the room warm and comfortable space.
Enjoy the breath of nature...
The Guest rooms are not equipped TV and phone, and please enjoy the sound of nature.
You will realize that your feelings are getting sharpened.

*Please refer to General Information page for amenities and rental equipment.
*We appreciate your cooperation for non-smoking in the room.
047005.gif(All guest rooms, Dining room are smoking.)
Smoking area is each private balcony or deck outside.